This letter is a recommendation for Mr. Terry Miller, who is a contractor who did some extensive work for me in the renovation of the condo I had recently bought. It needed a lot of work, including the installation of a recessed can lighting in my living room… this was difficult because there was so little space between my ceiling and the unit upstairs. That, I believe, was probably the biggest hurdle, and it turned out to be so fabulous. Mr. Miller’s entire crew treated me and my belongings with the utmost respect and care. They all put in great suggestions and the entire project turned out to be fabulous and the envy of my neighbors here in this condo complex. I even took a two week holiday while this work was being done, and returned to the completed task that was beyond incredible. His crew is so kind and courteous and sought my input about everything. Nothing seemed too difficult. I have since recommended him to several friends, and they have each called to tell me how wonderful Mr. Miller and his crew are and what a good job they did, just as they had for me. I know I will be using Mr. Miller and his crew again!

Jackie M-